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About Dart

Dart is a Web programming language that comes with libraries and tools. It has been designed and developed by Google after many years of programming Web applications.

A Web application runs on a client and a server. Dart can be used in both these environments.

JavaScript is the most popular language on the client side. Dart can be compiled to JavaScript. However, Dart can be executed directly in Dartium (a virtual machine that is contained in the Chromium browser).

Java is a popular server-side language. Dart borrows the best parts of Java. In addition, Dart provides functional programming in a similar way that JavaScript does. Thus, Dart is both an object-oriented and a functional programming language.

Since it has similar characteristics, Dart has the advantage of looking familiar to Java and JavaScript programmers. But with one important difference: Dart tries to avoid the pitfalls of both of them.

Dart programming is done in Dart Editor, which bundles Standard Development Kit (SDK) and Dartium. The SDK of Dart consists of the compiler to JavaScript, the Virtual Machine (VM) and libraries. By downloading Dart Editor you have everything to start using Dart.

About Me

My name is Dzenan Ridjanovic (pronounced like Dženan Riđanović or Jenan Ridjanovich). I am an associate professor at Laval University in Québec, Canada. I received a B.Sc. in informatics from University of Sarajevo in 1976, an M.Sc. in computer science from University of Maryland in 1982, and a Ph.D. in management information systems from University of Minnesota in 1986. My main teaching and research interests are in the spiral development of dynamic web applications with Dart, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, databases and frameworks.

For more than ten years I was a director of research and development at Silverrun (now Grandite), a company that had several commercial CASE tools for analysis, design and development of data driven information systems. I was a principal designer of Silverrun-CDE (Common Development Environment), which was used to develop all products, and of Silverrun-RDM (Relational Data Modeling), which was one of leading data modeling and database design tools.

I developed Modelibra. Modelibra is an open source software family of tools and frameworks to support domain-driven development in Java: a graphical tool for model design and code generation, a domain model framework, a web component framework based on Wicket for rapid development of dynamic web applications, and a GUI component framework based on Swing for rapid development of dynamic client applications. The family backbone is the domain model framework that carries the family name.

Recently, I have been developing dartling, a domain model framework that provides generic support for domain models designed with Model Concepts. It may be used in prototyping to make domain models alive as web applications.


I started learning Dart at the end of 2011. From the beginning of 2012, I have developed several projects in Dart. They are all maintained with the help of Git at GitHub under dzenanr.
Those projects and multiple examples are explained in the Learning Dart book by Ivo Balbaert and Dzenan Ridjanovic, Packt Publishing.

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