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I will not teach this course. I will provide enough material, pertinent links and programming exercises so that you may decide to learn on your own, with a bit of my help. If you have questions concerning Dart, please use Stackoverflow.dart. If you have questions concerning this course, use the course Forum.

If there is a subject that is difficult for you to grasp, and if there is a group of Dart learners interested in the subject, we may organize a Google+ Hangout.

Course Schedule

The books used in this course are Dart: Up and Running [DUR] by Kathy Walrath and Seth Ladd, available also on dartlang, and Learning Dart [LD] by Ivo Balbaert and Dzenan Ridjanovic. Other Dart Books are also a great source of knowledge.

Short code examples used in presentations of the course are available at GitHub as an application of Dart Editor. You need to know the basics of Git in order to clone the application. See Code Repositories of the Web Links section.

All projects used in the course are also available at GitHub.

# Presentation To Read/Listen Software To Do
1 ex01 (0%)
2 ex02 (0%)
3 Chapter 2 [DUR] (up to Classes, except Functions),
Chapter 2 [LD] (Changing execution flow)
ex03 (0%)
4 ex04 (20%)
5 ex05 (0%)
6 ex06 (20%)
7 ex07 (0%)
8 ex08 (20%)
9 ex09 (0%):
create canvas game with moving rectangles; objective: to exit the red rectangle without accidents
10 ex10 (0%):
create game from week 10 with DOM
11 ex11 (0%):
start team project - adapt simple game to Dart
12 ex12 (0%):
work on team project
13 ex13 (0%):
work on team project
14 ex13 (40%):
finish team project

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